Extension of minideb conference pune.

With more than 180 participants for the last conference we did not know how many participants to expect this time. To our pleasure or dismay there were only 19 registrations for the event (with 2 virtual registrations) out of which 6 participants turned out physically and 2 virtually over the #debian-in IRC channel. The session began at 11:00 as planned with j4v4m4n recapping what was discussed in the last conference. The talk soon shifted to fixing bugs and we laid our focus on fixing a bug in the game  egoboo. (http://egoboo.sourceforge.net/). The game was using a font called nagotori which had the following license ” The font may be used for personal and non Commercial use”. This went against the guide lines layed out in DFSG which stated that you could not enforce a condition on the use of the content provided. A bug had already been filed under egoboo-data (Bug number : 590979) but the maintainer had done nothing to fix it. After discussing several options on how this bug could be fixed a_r_n volunteered to file the bug upstream. We found a community forum on their homepage and a_r_n filed a bug report on it (http://egoboo.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1082). He also forwarded the bug report at 590979. After discussing some more concepts about copyright we started packaging. We decided to package the hyphenation files for indian languages in openoffice.org which were pending packaging for more than 2 years. More information about the project can be found at its homepage => http://wiki.smc.org.in/Hyphenation

Each one of us took different language to package and started packaging it (I took kanada) . We started off by reading through the debian new maintainers guide and started creating individual files required for packaging our language hyphenation file. By around 16:30 we were done creating the control, copyright and rules file. I will not get into the details of how we created these files as all of them are there on debian new maintainers guide.
We decided to meet up again on the #debian-in channel at 22:30.

Night Updates :

We continued our package making en devour at night on #debian-in channel were we were joined by vivek. a_r_n soon gave us the good news that upstream had replied to the egoboo bug and promised to change the nagotori font 🙂 , a wonderful movement (j4v4m4n was extremely excited and could not type :P.Even is tubelight went off with excitement :P). We polished our copyright and rules file. At this movement my eyes had started to shut and i could not make out if i was typing on my keyboard or dreaming. It was 1:50 and i decided to call it a day (or maybe night).

a_r_n , j4v4m4n , pavi_ and all those who were there after i left please add to this on what happened later on the IRC 😀


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