Setting up a wifi router using your laptop.

This is something i wanted to do from a very  long time. I finally used my acer netbook as a wifi router and connected my mobile phone and laptop to it.

The procedure was really simple.

The equipment i used :

  1. My netbook running Microsoft window XP ( My friends at FOSS please do not kill me for this 🙂 )
  2. A internet connection

Here is what i did on my windows machine :

  1. Open network manager.
  2. Right click on your wired connection ( Local Area Connection in my case ).
  3. Select the advanced tab on the dialog box that pops up.
  4. And tick the option which says ” Allow other network users to connect through this …. “
  5. Click ok and you have setup your local area connection to be shared by other network users.
  6. Right click on wireless network connection and select the “Wire Networks” tab from the dialog box that pops up.
  7. Click on the Add button below.
  8. Configure the connection as follows :
    Network Authentication : Open.
    Data Encryption : Disabled.
    Then click ok.
  9. Next click on advanced and select computer – to – computer networks only.
  10. Click ok and your done setting up your wifi router.
  11. Right click on the wireless network icon in your task bar and select “View available wireless  networks”
  12. Select the the wireless network you have just now created.
  13. Connect your other wireless devices to your virtual router ( because its not really a router it just acts as one )

I have tested this with my CQ61 laptop runing Ubuntu 10.04 and my mobile phone. It works really great.

However a few things you must keep in mind are :

  1. The network connection is not encrypted hence do not run sensitive applications on it.
  2. This is an open ad hoc network so anybody can use this as it is not password protected. So if you have internet connection with limited data transfer then i suggest you disable this when your not using it.

Have fun !!


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