The Google Lord

From :
Subject : Your google bill # 312118771

Sir ,

Please note that your bill dated 27-10-10 of amount INR 5,100 is over due. Kindly pay it as soon as possible to enjoy uninterrupted googling services.

To check out the new features launched by google visit :

Thank You,

Google Customer Support

That is one email i would definitely dread to see in my mailbox. That would perhaps be the time when google becomes paid. 90 % of the world would be forced to accept google’s terms and conditions if that happened. Are we becoming to dependent on google for our everyday life. As the year ends let us take a small look at some of the products launched by google that have defined new benchmarks in creativity and technology.

The Google Pacman

Google has always been famous for coming up with creative doodles on special occasions like Christmas , Thanks giving , national holidays and so on. However i think this was the first interactive doodle that google created. Google released this doodle on May 22nd 2010 to mark the Pacman’s 30th anniversary.

Google Instant Search

Google finally proved the word its superiority when it came to data processing. With the highly optimized page rank algorithm forming the back bone of  google search , google engineers took it one step further and launched google instant search. A feature which lets you see your results as you type in your search query. It reminded me of my Data Structure and Algorithm course were our professor stressed on optimizing every search algorithm we wrote. I would love to run my unoptimized linear search algorithm on google’s 300 million database entries. I wonder how long it would take …. O(n2) maybe  …. 🙂

Google Chrome for linux

As browsers started becoming more and more complex with more buttons being added to them it really became a pain to browse comfortably. Google answered this by releasing a browser with a highly simplified GUI. This year google launched chrome for linux. Having used booth Firefox and Iceweasel for a quite some time now i felt really glad when google made this move. With chrome i could see more of the website rather than those annoying browser panels which would eat up half of the space. Google also packed some features which would make the life of a javascript web programmer a little bit simpler. The browser came with an javascript debugger and a webpage inscepter inspector which closely resembled the firebug addon for Firefox. They also provided a task manager although its not of much use. It was also amongst the first few browsers to support HTML 5 and video tag. The chrome experiments website speaks for itself.

The Compose Button

At first i really did not get the idea why google introduced such a feature. And then it struck me !! Google was just being itself , it was being simple.  When i open my mailbox all i want to do is send or check my mails. So when google creates a really big button and labels it “Compose Mail” i don’t really have to look around much. I just click it and start typing. The button really comes in handy when your in a hurry and you have an assignment to submit. Paying attention to GUI details does help although my friends studying the course of Human Computer Interface may disagree 🙂

Fourth Generation of Google Street View goes HD
Google street view has improved extensively since it was started in 2007. Now it covers the complete continent of North America , Eastern parts of South America , Europe , Southern tip of Africa and Australia. I hope it comes to India as soon as possible 🙂

Besides all the controversy it has created i find this feature and integral benchmark in navigation technology. With four cameras mounted in four different direction , each camera capable of taking full HD images google maps creates a magical experience. Wifi receptors mounted on the car sense the locations of wifi hot spots and show them on the map ( This feature too has its dark side )

Places were the google car cannot go are traversed by tricycles , what a fun way to do things !! 🙂

Google Preview

The latest feature from google is the Google Preview. The search results are now displayed with a small magnifying glass right next to them. On clicking them the complete review of the website can be seen. This can come really handy in looking out for fake websites or websites lured with inappropriate content 🙂 I have not really tested this feature completely but combined with google instant search and google realtime it can certainly be used to perform optimized and accurate searching.

Google has come a long way from when it was first started by Larry Page and still has a long way to go. However the idea of Google becoming paid is equivalent to the apocalypse of 2012.

It may not be long before companies start hiring people to explicitly perform optimized search on their clients using google realtime , or plan trips using google maps. Google products are there everywhere and we cannot escape them 🙂

Wishing everyone an early Happy New Year.



  1. So true. Let’s hope Google stays true to their “unofficial” motto! Sometimes I also wonder what will happen if all the Google servers were to crash, or be destroyed simultaneously. 😐

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