Best Things In Life Are Free.

With the android platform catching up throughout the Indian market, a viable entertainment characteristic of this device – Gaming is what fuels the thirst of many college going students when it comes to on the go entertainment. With its aptly priced handsets, wide variety of distributors and a thriving app market it has established itself as one the prime competitor to the “nibbled silver fruit of Cupertino, California“. This post is however not meant to vaunt or advertise the Android platform but talk about its finer aspects like gaming.

1. PewPew

“To infinity and beyond !!”, Every child dreams of becoming the next  Buzz Lightyear and zooming through space blasting off at the bad  guys. With its unique vector graphics and catchy sound track, PewPew is in a league of its own. With an extremely smooth onscreen joystick (the  yellow and red spoke ) the game commands  a high degree of hand eye co-ordination and keeps the player engaged with its diverse array of gameplay.  Every gameplay be it “Doge” were you doge cubical structures to Arcade were you practically hang on for dear life, offers accolades in the form of medals. A truly riveting game which leaves you dizzy and nauseated after three hours of continuous play. So quit playing with your plastic guns and head off to the app market to grab your free copy now.

2. Paradise Island

Owning your very own island is far easier than you first thought it would be. From Ferrous Wheels to Sushi bars, you name it and this game has it. You start of on a desolated island with a broken harbor and some plants to keep you company. You begin by repairing the broken harbor and gradually progress towards building financial centers, casinos and whole bunch exotic monuments. Achievements form the key aspect of motivation as you constantly strive to gain more experience to level up and money to expand territory. Water plays an important role as it enthralls your visitors with a wide array of activities from diving to wind surfing. The game portrays itself as a major supporter of Green Revolution wheedling you into planting more trees by offering various achievement medals  throughout the game. A word off advise – “Start off small and build many hot dog stands, a surprise awaits you”.

3. NinJump

Ninja’s have always fascinated me, be it old Japanese movies or action packed mangas. However the concept of a hooded figure jumping from one wall to other, slaying animals and humans as he progresses was unheard off. The main objective of the game it to scale as high as you can eliminating all forms of life that get in your way. Timing is critical and if you get it right your blade meets flesh as you traverse from one wall to the other. No Ninja adventure is every complete without the mention of the blood thirsty shurikens. The games is cluttered with phases were ninja’s from rival tribes shoot shurikens, whether you doge them or deflect them is up to you but if metal meets metal three times consequently your in for a surprise. The game is practically never ending and demands lightning fast reflexes. As a closing note I leave you with a small riddle, solve it and you will attend bankai -“Three in a row is better than than one of all”.

4. Inotia 3

All you Final Fantasy fans out there be ready to be dazzled. Inotia 3 – Children of Carnia is the first role playing game for android that I laid my hands on. I am a tyro when it comes to RPG’s but Inotia made it look so simple that I dived straight in. Packed with over 266 quests and an highly detailed series of maps, the game provides a truly satisfying experience. The sophisticated graphics and archaic music keep your eyes and ears glued to the game. An impressive aspect of the game is the “party” feature wherein you select characters who can accompany you on various quests. The story line is littered with twist and turns and there is not a single element of anticlimax. A word of advise though the game is a power gobbler gulping down huge amounts battery power in a very short time. So be sure to keep your charger handy cause ones you throw yourself into the enchanted world of Inotia there is no returning back.

No list of android games would be complete without the mention of “Angry birds“. Many of you must be furious by now, after all angry birds deserves the prime spot in any android game article. But frankly speaking the game needs no introduction. Bakers have sold cakes under the name of angry birds and teachers have used it to explain the notions of projectile physics. Its outstanding  physics engine has puzzled everyone and its shear amount of challenging levels has frustrated us all.

As a compendium to the above article I leave you guys to ponder on my favorite xkcd comic strip.


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