We boarded a dual axle KSRTC bus, ridiculously expensive if you ask me, from Swargate and off we were on 26th at around 18:30. Summarizing the bus journey which was similar to any other bus journey, complying with all standards of an inter-state entertainment experience – show a movie which is dreaded by everyone, stop for food and tea at least twice and make as many toilet stops as the number of male candidates on the bus. We arrived at the Updupi early next morning, two hours before the estimated time. Neither Praveen nor I had ever come to Manglore and being unfamiliar with the local language added to our anxiety, we were waiting for Ranjan to arrive. Ranjan, a student volunteer from NITTE had graciously taken up the responsibility of delivering (I deliberately use the word delivering here, because like bundled up packages both of us were useless if left alone in this new city) Praveen and me to the NITTE campus . After a short trip of the Manipal campus we were picked up by Bushan and his ominous looking Maruthi Omni. Owing to the lack of time you (the unfortunate reader) will have to refer the diagram given below and draw complex inferences from it.

We reached the NITTE hostel campus at around 9:00 a.m. and met Christian who was returning from his morning jog. We joined Christian for breakfast after we had freshened up and started attacking the wireless access point, in hope that we will win. We lost shamefully and went for lunch, our heads down with shame and stomach growling for food. Ohh I forgot to mention we also visited the NITTE hostel garden and wandered around in their museum, thus productively utilizing the time between our breakfast and lunch. After lunch praveen retired while I, the diligent fellow that I am, started adding more features to the Diaspora atom feed. Nothing interesting happened for the rest of the day except – Lightning which feel less than 800 meters away from us, the gruesome war we were having with wireless access point, electricity going on and off and yes we were again hungry. After a calm and quiet dinner at the NITTE hostel we gathered the courage and sat down to reduce Shirish’s mammoth presentation. The only other interesting event which transcribed before we went to sleep was – saying hi to Jonas and Pavithran, they arrived at 23:00.

Having said this we shall increment our array index and move on to the next day …… [ If you do not see the link to my next post here, its not up yet. You can still try clicking it. I assure you will not be greeted with a segmentation fault ]



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