Kde.in – Day 1

Bus journeys always make me nervous. Just the idea of being confined in an enclosed structure with wheels for fifteen hours is a horrendous thought. All said and done we ( j4v4m4n, me , smk ) boarded the bus to Banglore.

After spending a sleepless night in the bus and watching a completely retarded movie I was glad that we had finally reached Banglore at 6:30 in the morning. I usually get extremely confused during such situations, were getting down at the right stop is as important as studying the right part for an exam to pass it. Lucky ( at least I thought I was lucky ) for me we were supposed to get down at the last stop. As soon as we got down we were engulfed by auto rickshaw drivers who were hungry for our money. We chose a rickshaw at random following the ostrich algorithm and headed off too RV college situated on the outskirts of the city.

After having a quick bath in the guest house and a satisfying breakfast we headed of for the inaugural ceremony which was followed by Lydia’s keynote. Frankly speaking I did not understand much of what Lydia was saying owing to an extremely poor audio quality. Prashanth N Udupa took over after Lydia’s keynote and made the atmosphere in the room a bit more lively with his short stories and jokes. Once everyone was relaxed Prashanth started with the basics of Qt, writing the most simple program know to man – “Hello World

Abhishek Patil, an employee of VCreate Logic explained how the Qt designer could be used, what signals and slots were and wrote a  simple program displaying a bunch of buttons on the screen in some predefined layout.  It was 13:00 by this time and my stomach was telling me – ” If you do not feed me by now ….. Come on just feed me !! ” .  After a quick registration at the registration desk ( we could not do it in the morning because we were late and they closed down the counters ) we headed off for lunch.

Prashanth continued with Qt after lunch teaching us how to make custom widgets. The session was extremely informative and Prashanth was bombarded with dozens of questions from enthusiastic  students. We also learnt a very important thing – There is a reason why the buttons are shaded in the manner they are and it has been scientifically proven using human psychology ( who would have imagined this 😀 ). The session was concluded by Prashanth making a basic image gallery.

As it got darker j4v4m4n’s hunger grew ( for food off course ) and we headed off in search of a good restaurant to eat at. After a lot of debate on which restaurant was better and were we should go we ended up eating at the restaurant right outside the college gate. I can’t really say what I ate partly because I do not remember what it was called and partly because I am clueless what it contained. Dinner was followed by an unusual combination of hot lemon tea and cold sugar cane juice ( which was available in a variety of different flavors ). Stomachs full ( at least mine was ) we made our way back to the quest room, It was time for Jishnu’s blender tutorial session.

After saturating my brain with dozens of blender shortcuts I finally managed to animate a small cone  falling on a rather funnily modeled monkey’s head, I named this kill monkey. So there I was all set to become the next Matt  Stone or Trey Parker.